Learn to Play Guitar by Ear

 learn to play guitar by ear

Learn To Play Guitar By Ear the EASY way!

Want to learn to play guitar by ear but don’t know how to get started?

Do you have the desire to not only play an instrument, but to learn how to play it really well?

Do you want to become an expert, someone that people turn to when they have questions or need some tips? By starting with the Express Guitar you will be well on your way to achieving that dream.

The Pro’s approach:

This system was designed by Mike Hayes. As a professional performer and a teacher with over 20 years experience Mike Hayes knew that his learning system would have to stand out. Using this program any beginner or veteran player can discover how to play like a pro.

That is because Express Guitar does not teach beginner material, it teaches advanced material, such as how to play guitar by ear, so beginners can understand it.

The fact that Mike Hayes is a professional performer provides a great deal of benefits to his students.

He has been able to take his insider information and strategies and offer them to the public through his education system. By not only teaching students how to perform well, but also how play guitar by ear, this system truly stands out.

There is no other place that you can be taught how to play from a guitarist who has his music officially listed in the Grammy Awards ballot.

Lessons of this caliber would be outrageously expensive. Now students can reap the benefits of an expert teacher without paying top dollar for private lessons. This self paced learning system has it all. Now you too can learn to play guitar by ear like the pros.

Playing by ear is really playing from your memory:

Express Guitar takes students through the strategies that Mike Hayes has used to become a success. Students will not only discover how to play their instrument, they will be taught how to understand music and develop a musical mind.

By building on strategies and keeping the student engaged, most of all this system provides a truly efficient and dynamic learning experience in which students can learn to play guitar by ear and more.

Just by visiting our site at www.guitarcoaching.com, it becomes clear that we are dedicated to our students. One way that this will become apparent is through our comprehensive FAQ page that offers answers to students’ most common questions. This page provides free tips and techniques straight from the professional.

Learn to play guitar by ear the fast easy and effective way.