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Basic Guitar Lessons

Do you remember the last time that you were in a pub or bar and there was a live band up on the stage? Whether they were famous or unknown, good or mediocre, it is likely that upon hearing the guitarist play chords and belt out a song you felt a little pull to do the same. Express Guitar can help you learn how to play!

Our system is designed to take the complete beginner and turn them into a competent and confident player. In no time at all you too could be up on the stage, singing and playing for a crowd. Playing for people alone or with a band can be a very exciting and rewarding pastime. Whether you are looking for fame or just some basic guitar lessons, we have the right program.

People start their own musical groups for many reasons. For some it is a route to fame because they have always dreamed of making it big. For others it is an enjoyable part time job that provides them with a little bit of extra money from gigs. And finally there are other bands that never play for money, but rather use their experience as a hobby and take only basic guitar lessons.

Regardless of your motivation for forming a band or becoming a solo performer, you are in for a highly rewarding experience. The feeling of applause and appreciation for something you have created is unlike anything else. The excitement of getting up in front of people and seeing them swaying along to the music you are making is truly wonderful. Our bonuses provide this information and more in the form of free basic guitar lessons.

Our learning system not only takes the absolute beginner and turns them into a performer, it also takes the performer to the next level. We teach highly advanced concepts in an easy to understand manner, making them accessible to all players. Our system directs students on how to alter songs and even create their own, right from the best basic guitar lessons available online.

When you visit our site at you will see that we have truly designed a system for everyone. Students do not need to know anything about music before they start, because we take them from beginner to pro quickly.

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