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Beginner Guitar Chord

Music is a very important element in our culture. People associate songs with special events and treasured memories. Imagine how wonderful it would be if you could evoke these wonderful emotions through your own playing. Our system teaches students how to play with skill and confidence, meaning that they are able to provide the wonders of music for themselves and others.

Even though almost everyone knows that they love music, few actually believe that they could play an instrument themselves. Express Guitar has been developed by Mike Hayes, a professional guitarist with more than 20 years of teaching experience. His skills and understanding of the learning process ensure that even the most novice of students will be able to learn quick and effective beginner guitar chord systems.

One of the greatest techniques that students will find in our program is the ability to play by ear. When a musician can translate a song they have heard to their own instrument, they are able to essentially play any song ever written. This eliminates the need to read music and ensures that all those wonderful hit songs are well within the student’s reach with our free beginner guitar chord lesson.

We know that playing by ear is an important skill. Although we also teach students how to learn from paper, we do encourage ear training. Often this skill is only taught to professional musicians, but with our system beginners can reap the benefits of this technique as well. This, combined with our free beginner guitar chord information, will advance your playing to the next level.

Express Guitar teaches students how to develop their musical memory to help facilitate their ability to play by ear. Through our system players learn how to store chords and chord progressions in their memory so that they can call on this information whenever they want to play a new song. This means that even the newest songs contain familiar parts, making it easier to learn using our beginner guitar chord lesson.

When a program has been as well designed as ours has, it will grow with the student. We have developed an amazing system that will be the only program you will ever need, regardless of your level. If you want to learn how to play like a professional, then visit our site at With our ironclad, money back guarantee you have nothing to lose so sign up right now!

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