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When we think about some of our life’s fondest memories and most important events, we are often able to associate these memories with favorite songs. Whether it is beloved classics that were played in our childhood, the first dance from our wedding, or a special song we share with a child, music is strongly tied to our memories. Imagine how wonderful it will be when our system teaches you how to play these songs for yourself.

Express Guitar has been designed by Mike Hayes. As a professional musician, he has played in hundreds of performances and had over twenty years of teaching experience. There are few musicians of this caliber, and imagine how impressed people will be when you say that you learned from a guitarist who has his music officially listed in the Grammy awards ballot. Whether you need an easy guitar lesson or something more advanced, we have it for you.

One of the first techniques that our system teaches to students is how to develop their musical memory. By focusing on learning strategies such as this, our program streamlines the musical education to ensure that it is always dynamic and provides quick results. This applies to our easy guitar lessons and all of our more advanced products as well.

A well developed musical memory allows students to pick up songs quickly by associating them with chords and chord progressions that they are already familiar with. By building on these skills, our program teaches players how to play songs after only hearing them on the radio.

Our system also teaches players how to sight read using the same principles. Once a musician understands the concepts of music, they are able to see patterns and associations that others simply do not. This means that entirely new pieces of music can be made familiar in a matter of minutes. This is a skill that is simply not offered in the average free online guitar lesson for beginner programs.

Express Guitar teaches all levels of students how to reach their maximum potential. Although this course starts at the very beginning, it is not a beginner’s course. It is truly designed for everyone. By providing all the musical education that you need, this program offers exceptional quality and unbelievable value. It is like receiving free and easy guitar lessons in the comfort of your home.

With our system and its professional insights into what it takes to become a truly amazing player, every student will learn to play with confidence. Visit our website at to learn more about the tips and techniques we offer to make you play like a pro. We take advanced concepts like walking chords and make them accessible to every level. Visit today and learn how.

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